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Hi, my name is Vanessa, and I am a coder!

When I saw my first website I knew I wanted to be a web developer, so I taught myself HTML and CSS. I have a combination of self-taught and formal educational skills in web tech. I first learned to make interactive menus with JavaScript, now I code them with CSS3. I can code a WordPress Theme from scratch and build a website entirely in Flash! I started building WordPress Themes because I thought I wanted to be a blogger, turns out I'm more of a builder of blogs! My favorite thing about web development is there is always some new technology, something new to learn.

"Once you stop learning you start dying," -Albert Einstein

When I'm not coding I wander but rarely get lost, of course that's only when I'm not wandering the back canals of Venice or deep in the pages of a wonderful book. I once got on a slow boat to Burano (Italy) I was worried I wouldn't get there before the sun went down. I was right, but this happened! I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my boyfriend Charley and our "Luna-tic" kitty.

"Not all who wander are lost" -JRR Tolkien

My Skillset and How I Roll!


I create beautifully responsive websites with HTML 5 and CSS 3. My approach to web design is always mobile first. I believe that content is king and a solid base of user profiles, site-maps and user flows are important in creating a solid user experience. I write semantic HTML and I like my CSS SASS-y!


I use WordPress for content management. I have experience editing and customizing existing WordPress Themes but prefer to build custom Themes from scratch. I use JavaScript and jQuery to modify behavior, like smooth scrolling.


Two tools I can not live without are Git and Google Chrome Dev Tools. I post my code on github and use codepen to showcase smaller projects. I have experience using CSS libraries like Bootstrap and Foundations, and have used HTML5 Boilerplate and _s for quick scaffolding for website projects.


  • Skills Used: JavaScript, Flexbox

  • Skills Used: JavaScript

  • Skills Used: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • Skills Used: jQuery Mobile

  • Skills Used: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • Skills Used: Custom WP Theme, HTML 5, CSS 3, Responsive Web Design with Media Queries


Contact Vanessa below, whether you want to hire her, inquire about her experience, or simply invite her to lunch (No, seriously. Invite her to lunch!)